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Slimefun Info

Slimefun is the core of our custom content of the server. It adds the majority of the content available on the server. Learn more here!

Server Content

Along with the normal Slimefun gameplay, we also include custom items and custom mobs (WIP) within the game that you will not see on any other server! (Site wiki coming soon!)

Already used Slimefun?

We also offer many addons for Slimefun available from the addons page!

We have the following addons:

  • Alchimia Vitae

  • Colored Ender Chests

  • CrystamaeHistoria

  • Dank Tech 2

  • Dyed Backpacks

  • Dynatech

  • EcoPower

  • Electric Spawners

  • ElementManipulation

  • Exotic Garden

  • Extra Tools

  • FNAmplifications

  • Flower Power

  • Fluffy Machines

  • Foxy Machines

  • Galactifun

  • Infinity Expansion

  • Liquid

  • Lucky Blocks

  • LiteXpansion

  • MobCapturer

  • Networks

  • Private Storage

  • Sensible Toolbox

  • Simple Storage

  • SimpleUtils

  • Slime Tinker

  • Slimy Tree Taps

  • Soul Jars