Talos smp


Welcome to the Talos SMP!

We offer Vanilla Minecraft gameplay mixed with custom content similar to that of Modded Minecraft with 0 mods required! Join today to take part in the fun with our existing community!

Additional Content

Enjoy different approaches to the game by crafting machines or delve deep into epic magic crafting systems. Eventually you could even combine the two with different forms of automation, or take your new items to different planets! Want to learn more or see which Slimefun addons we have? Find more info here!

Run for Server Mayor

Every month we host a mayoral election to select a player on the server for mayor! The mayor has the ability to call upon the community to vote for new content, if the vote reaches 50% or higher in favor of the change, the server owner (GentlemanCheesy) is forced to implement the change! Features can be added, edited, or completely deleted!

Protect your Item your way

Use a number of different easy access tools to claim your land. Learn more by checking out Grief Prevention.